Friday, January 15, 2010

Employment Assistance Payment (EAP)

The chinese have a saying, shang you zhen ce, xia you dui ce ( the people above set the policies, the people below device counter measures).

Regulating that employers pay ex-gratia payments to older employees when they can no longer find suitable positions for them creates greater disincentives to employ older workers. Couple that with the virtually unlimited supply of foreign workers, what would companies do?

Companies are bottomline driven and it would be naive to expect otherwise. Would they:
A) Avoid employing anyone over the age of (say) 40 so that there is very little risk of having to incurr this additional expense
B) Offer only contract employment to avoid incurring this additional expense
C) Employ foreign workers to avoid incurring this additional expense
D) Find ways to legitimately let go of older employees (e.g. poor performance appraisals, transfer to onerous/unsuitable positions, etc) to avoid incurring this additional expense
E) All of the above
F) Embrace the employment of older workers and dutifully pay EAP giving absolutely NO THOUGHT whatsoever as to how they can avoid incurring this additional expense

Which is your answer?


  1. Hi hazel
    Congratulations on taking the first steps in your political career. Here's wishing you all the successes..

    Fellow HJC alumnus

  2. It is indeed heartening to see more people (especially ex-scholar + ex govt-employee)supporting the opposition parties.

    May you and your husband's political voyage be a fulfilling one.

  3. Dear Hazel, thank you for the courage. Be prepared to face the tidel waves with preparation of the mind and heart. Walk your talk and you will surely gain support, at least one more today.

    Just an ordinary singapore born "Citizen"

  4. Dear Just an ordinary singapore born "Citizen",

    Thank you for your kind words. With your support, I gain more courage. : )

  5. hello hazel,

    are you the scholar that recently just joined with your husband at reform party? If it's you, congrats...I am pretty sure reform party will make a change in singapore, die die to move liao..stay there , don't change party, and dun let the PAP to pyscho you and your husband to join them, because they are very subtle cunning and scheming... remember....Dun be fooled by their smooth honey lips trapped.. Becos they lao qiu liao.. Scholars joined the opp. party.. hahaa.. Gd job!! Btw, do you have an email and also contact number that i can reach you and talk to you? Do provide.

    All the best

  6. Hi Anonymous at 4 feb 12:47
    Thanks! You can email me at
    Looking forward to hearing from you!


  7. anonymous at 4 feb 12:47 said....

    hi hazel at 10 feb 7:53

    oh sure, finally got ur reply. will contact u soon thru email! cheers!