Monday, April 5, 2010

Joint RP-SDA Walkabout in Bishan

Yesterday we had a walkabout session together with SDA.

This is the first time I met Mr Chiam and his long time supporters in person. During the walkabout, it was evident there was a lot for respect and support for Mr Chiam on the ground.

I also had the opportunity to chat with some of the SPP members, people who have supported Mr Chiam for 20 to 30 over years. These uncles are warm-hearted, helpful and ever hopeful. Although we are not in the same party, they extended a warm welcome to us newbies, and eagerly shared experiences. Their passion and steadfastness is totally awesome. I have only joined the opposition for a few months and already I am feeling the strain and demand on my time, managing a business, being the mother of 2 boys, and party activities. Yet these people have walked this path for more than 20 years! What kind of mental strength, conviction and compassion must there be for such perseverance?

I am very glad we held this joint walkabout. There is much I can learn from them.

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