Monday, April 5, 2010

Why should we vote for the opposition?

The power situation between the ruling party and the voters is a balancing act. If a ruling party secures an overwhelming majority, the balance of power tilts towards the ruling party. If the ruling party has only a slight majority in Parliament, and there is a viable opposition sitting in the wings, then the voters become more powerful.

If you are feeling helpless over some things you wish you could change, if you want greater power over your own life in your own country, vote for yourself.

I want greater power for voters than we have currently. There are two things we need to do to bring that about: 1) reduce PAP’s majority in Parliament and 2) build up a larger and stronger opposition. Although interdependent, the first needs to be done by the voters, the second by the opposition. You do your part, and we will do ours. [If you want to come over and help us do the latter, you know we will roll out the red carpet.]


  1. it is definitely easy to say my support for you as i am just an armchair critic. but i believe that what you and your friends are doing are very important to the well being for future singaporeans. Jia you!!!!!!

  2. Hi, I am Sam, aged 53, old enough to see the transition of the old respected PAP leadership to the current hopeless leadership of the new PAP team including their MPs.

    What they are doing, compared to last time, can be summed up in 4 chinese characters “劳民丧财”

    last 2006 GE, when I learnt that WP had put up a few good candidates for election, I voluntered my service to the party during the election period.

    I am particulary delighted to see young scholar like you joing the opposition. I hope more young & capable scholar who feel the need for CHANGE and to make our society more equitable for all singaporeans, please step forward to contest in the forthcoming GE.

    let let me know if u require my help in any area in the run up to the GE.

  3. This is a good post. I agree with you, but I feel No.2 is more important.

    We really do need stronger opposition parties to fight the PAP.

    No offense to the other opposition parties, but in my honest opinion, I think The Reform Party and The Workers' Party has the most potential.

  4. Hi Sam! Thanks for the note. We would really appreciate your help. Can you let me know how to contact you? My email is . Or I am on facebook, though I hardly use it, haha.

  5. Hi Hazel,I am staying in Bukit Batok under Hong Kah GRC.If RP is coming to H.K, then I wish to help as a volunteer.Pls contact me.I have been in opposition politics since the Anson by-election.I reluctantly joined SPP as a member since last year because my friend is there for almost 20 years.I am not an active member.My wife and I confirm will vote for RP or any opposition if there is a challenge in H.K GRC.MY son who just turned 21,and just completed N.S is eligible to vote,I asked him what is his choice,he is still undecided, still green,looks like I have to bribe him for a dinner at Jack's Pl or Kenny Rogers.Young man don't know about politics.

  6. I'm also staying in H.K. GRC, the walked-over GRC last time, but this time if RP or WP is able to contest here, they are going to have nightmares liao!!
    Don't bribe yr son, not the correct way, just need to tell them yr experiences like me telling my Bad experiences to my daughter, and she suddenly remembered & reacted by telling me that her School teacher also expressed the feeling of "worry" for the future generation, why? because to the filthy rich PAP, everything is "affordable" to them and I feel hair stand each time the word "affordable" is heard, correct or not??
    This is the sort of cruelty young man should realise it early rather than late....

  7. Hi Moe Gan Thai, it will be great if you could help us at Hong Kah. how do i contact you? Can you email me at please?

  8. Hi Hazel,

    Thank you for making a difference. Singapore need people like you. Really hope that you can be elected. God bless.